Statistics about father
Father's name and Title: REMO Della Bassana - Ch. Mond. It.B. It.L. It.A. Int.L. Int.B. Int.A.
°Morphological ENCI Test: True °Field trial ENCI Test: True
° True = Dog parcecipated in Enci dogshow / Field Trial -- False = Dog didn't parcecipate in Enci dogshow / Field Trial
about its 3 progenies ancestors
Type of titles N° titles
National Dogshow 7
National Field trial 6
National Dual Champion 4
International Dogshow 7
International Field trial 2
International Dual Champion 2
Other* 5
Total Tests in Dogshow 10
Total Tests in Field trial 8

* Reproducers degrees, European and World champion titles

Statistics are not available for foreign reproducers so value is 0